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Message posted by skekMal on 21 Sep 2020

First aired: 10th March 1997
Directed by: John Kretchmer
Screenplay: Joss Whedon
Characters appearing: Angel / Boy / Buffy / Colin / Cordelia / Darla / Doorman / Giles / Girl / Harmony / Jesse / Joyce / Luke / Master / Mr. Flutie / Willow / Xander
Songs used: Right My Wrong (Sprung Monkey) / Ballad For Dead Friends (Dashboard Prophets) / Wearing Me Down (Dashboard Prophets)
Weapons used: Stake, Knife, Pistol

The imprisoned vampire lord, Master, wanting to overcome the barrier separating him from the world, anoints one of his servants – Luke, so that he would take the “harvest” for him. Buffy is his main target, her blood is said to break his prison. The Slayer and her friends must to stop them – Willow and Xander forms a Scooby Gang with Buffy, which fights with demons and vampires.